Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mr Saveloy

Well, rather tired (after a rather short night) and daydreaming of that lamb-chop-in-a-piece-bread I walked to the Autumn Market, as I am determined to get back to being fit. It was further than I anticipated and a mistake, because it does not run to Zululand time.(Zululand time = 2 hours after real time. If you get invited for dinner at 6 in Zululand it means 8. Approximately. Give or take an hour either way. It nearly drove me scatty when we lived there as I am precise about time, and B moreso. However if the Autumn Market opens at 10 AM... be there at 10 to 10. Not ten past... Or the good bits may just be gone. It was hot, brisk and busy at first. I saw someone with a nice bunch of beetroots but by the time old slow-coach got there... Anyway, we did get a few bargains (B was doing cream scones in the Anglican stall - which left me on my own.) I did manage some island-grown coctail tomatoes - just as well as we're 4 green fruit and 8 flowers into tomato production. And a raffle ticket... I have supported about 2 million good causes with raffle tickets. Never ever won even the booby prize. Um. I'll have to give up buying them now, as I won 4 wine glasses... without stems. Is this the way the world is going? Not sure I approve. There is a reason for that stem, besides making them sound good when you touch glasses.

However closer to the realms of international tragedy, there were no lamb-chop-in-a-piece-bread. Not even snags with or without onion. Just another thing I had not met, the saveloy. Let's just say I not going to be a big fan.

I added some brocolli seedlings into the beds, and something that called itself climbing spinach. Ah my garden! We ate our first two carrots this evening... you remember those funny little pencils that once came diaries - about half as thick as normal pencils? Yes? Oh well, these carrots were nothing like that. Pencil leads maybe.


  1. Someone offered you saveloys? Watch out! They are playing a joke on you! The only proper way to prepare meet in Australia is over a flame, preferably on a metal plate, or, if it's a women doing the cooking, in an oven.*

    Boiling "meat" is an English trick. Next they will be offering you "tasty delicious and convenient" Spam.**

    Don't fall for it!

    [* Apologies to my lynch mob that is ignorant of my highly inappropriate sense of humour (medium-sanguine by preference).]

    [** Which, I admit, is an improvement on the old Australian Army Luncheon Meat #1 in a can. Which you had to eat in the dark. Cold.]

  2. Hey! As a former resident of the world's number one consumer of spam, I protest! I LOVE spam! Spam musubi, spam fried rice, baked, broiled, "raw", in sanwdwiches... YUM!

    aka basset