Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The galleon

Our ship finally came in. By plane, via the airport. In the post in a cardboard box. It was intact, so we had to blow it up. If you are not confused already its model is called 'Zambezi - Australia'. And says it was proudly made in China. Ah, the wonders of modern geography. They say it is a small mixed up world. I didn't realise how right they were.

The inflatable Kayak arrived, as you may gather. We took it down for a paddle and a quick swim. It's not quite the disaster area I had a sneaking suspicion it might be, but I won't be taking it miles offshore for a day's fishing.
But it's a start.

I also popped into the hospital to have an anti-tet shot after an unprovoked attack by a vicious fishhook.

The town has been invaded by aliens from Shamrockia or it's St Patrick's day.
It's obviously taken quite seriously here, which is rather nice, considering that a lot of Australians have Irish antecedants... and this could hardly be further from Ireland.


  1. Dave, a day you celebrate by drinking. Of course St Patrick's Day is big here !!!


  2. My own Irish rellies moved to Australia in the early 1900s, and were tracked down by my Aunt M. I've met two of them from the Brisbane area -- good folks!

  3. Tan: So long as it is not green beer.

  4. Ginger, I'd avoid tracking down too many of mine. It's so embarrssing being asked for bail-money ;-)

  5. Last year they were colouring the beer green at the local pub. Didn't notice it this year.

  6. That raises a few questions as to either the lighting, or the amount you were drinking!