Thursday, March 18, 2010


The island is looking at the idea of having a community garden, so that fresh veggies and fruit do not need to be either flown or ferried in. This is a very good idea, everyone seems to think so, but who is to control it? I think blood will be shed, before that is decided, even if it is just a bloody nose. The garden has not been funded, never mind the land allocated, yet, but already the power struggles are beginning. I think there is going to be a lot of fun in store on this subject. But we saw and spoke to a lot of new people at the meeting last night, and, of course the TV guru, who was trying to keep the peace. Unfortunately I have not watched enough Australian TV to have seen one of his programmes, but I will look out for him in future, as he seems really knowledgeable, likeable and level headed.

Our son Paddy took part in a University residence competition to make an advertisement for Gillette razors, they came second and won a microwave for the residence. If you want to see their movie advertisement go to Paddy is the one shaving, and our younger son James is one of the onlookers.

I am having a quiet day today, with a blank canvas, and just reflecting on how life has changed, from shopping to catching, from mountains to sea, from surrounded by family to isolated, from a complicated garden to a small flat rectangle. I am realizing just how happy I am. There are low points, or course, no place or lifestyle is absolutely perfect, but this is as close to idyllic as I could ever hope to get.


  1. Loved the YouTube clip! What a sacrifice :-D It was very nicely done!

  2. Aisch, it's still a shock seeing how the boys have grown... two mini-me's grown tall and strong. That was a sacrifice - must have been some serious arm-twisting going on. What did the girlfriend think??


  3. I am not sure what the girlfriend thinks, she arrives to visit him today, but I have actually no idea if he is still cleanshaven or if he has a new beard?

    They needed a microwave, so he was very pleased he had done it. We only heard about it afterwards, typically, so I have no idea who pulled what strings!

  4. Jody and I loved the video. Jody laughed, and said that Paddy must come by his hirsuteness naturally. I've been spending the last few days reading your blog from start to finish, as I hadn't really read it too much before due to jealousy. I'm still jealous, but am now motivated to start saving the money to come visit. With so much family in Oz, we really do need to get down for a good visit.

    Chris, Jody and Tripp

  5. Chris, if you get Oz and fail to come and visit I will be very deeply hurt.

  6. Well, we're look at two years into the future at least. I'm starting the savings account now, and collecting airmiles for the airline.