Saturday, April 16, 2011

Big birds, little birds and dinner we never got.

A rather blurry shot of one tine little study invaders that I caught and carefully released. I suppose I'll forgive it the little deposit on my carefully cupped hands.

and the opposite extreme - an albatross at sea today. I'm glad I didn't have him in my cupped hands. I'd be more afraid of his beak than his poo, but don't want either. We had a good fish off Prime Seal Island (and saw a prime (ie. one) seal, and 2 dolphins en route. A good thing we got some nice fresh fish for our tea, as the 'Can we borrow your stove (our small catering gas stove) for their TV gourmet farmer dinner we'll give you a couple of tickets to the dinner,' certainly borrowed the stove, but the tickets to the posh dinner were conspicuous by their absence. I'd have been happy to lend it to them anyway, simply to help out, but it's pretty irritating to promise and not deliver, and I would have been interested in seeing what they did to the island's produce. Oh well, I won't be in hurry to help out the tourist association again. And I do hope they bring it back, clean, whole and with a full gas cylinder.

B ran into med students at the airport, leaving, and I think we have more island converts there. The weather was superb today so a pity they had to go. Never come to the Island for less than week!

Anyway, this was where we launched today - Port Davies, looking back at Cave Beach,

Stunning, isn't it?


  1. Revenge is the best medicine. You need to get an Oz tele company interested in "Freer's Flinders...Exploring the dramatic island of Flinders..."

  2. I'm more likely just to learn my lesson well. I've been lucky so far to have mostly run into islanders who have fairly little to do with the tourist trade, who understand in a small community: what goes around, comes around. A hell of lot of people have been more than just good to us. However this is a different clique. This is the second time this lot've asked me to do fairly major things for their promotion efforts, with precious little thanks. So: next time (as sure as sunrise it'll happen) I'll ask for anything they offer upfront or I'll smile and wave.

    Oh and needless to say the stove came back with an empty gas cylinder and without the benifit of oven-cleaner.

  3. Hey dave - talked to the med students when they got back and like me they said they enjoyed the island superbly. Thanks for putting up with all of us and being such a gracious host yet again! Hope you're doing well and do say hi to Barbara for me :) - Foong