Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It was my good friends Bill and Maria's wedding today -- just a quiet wedding with enough superb food to sink several galleons. It was my first wedding conducted by a Tink and I had thought them Tinks only fixed pots and got chased away from hen-houses. Ok so this was a different kind of Tink. Did a good service.

We took the bride's adult daughter and brother fishing... in the rain down to Trousers / Fotheringate. There was great excitement at the catching of leatherjackets. It is an entrancing spot, and safe to say they were entranced.

And wet, as it rained.

And then we came back and ate far too much. I'd give a more erudite write up of a lovely wedding of two wonderful people, but I'm too full, and too tired.


  1. what in the world is a "Tink"??

  2. Biren - a 'Tink' is Irish short form of 'Tinker' -travelling (sometimes Romany) pot memders of yesteryear. They had a fairly bad reputation for casual theft etc, as well as one the most obscene songs ever about the highland Tinker.

    This 'Tink' was a rather good fellow and a Catholic Priest, and the name is just the short form of something innocuous.

    Only someone like me would still know what the other interpretation was. Tinkerbell - was in fact a play on this too - she's a rather common little fairy, in the classist backround of the author

  3. Thanks - google uncle wasnt forthcoming this time !

  4. Tinker, Tailor,
    Soldier, Sailor,
    Rich Man, Poor Man,
    Beggar Man, Thief

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - one of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors too........