Sunday, April 10, 2011

The world of cats.

The cats seem to be trying very hard to fill the vaccuum left by Roly, doing things they never did before. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about this, adding a degree of should we say colour... and, yes texture, to our otherwise dull lives. Batman and La Duchesse have taken to both occupying my study (along with Puggles and Wednesday) and then also both gracing the bedroom with their feline magesty. Unfortately besides needing 2/3 of the bed, they, um added texture. And colour, although, in the dark in the small hours when I put my hand into the kitty-sick on my torch on the bedside table, I was only aware of the texture. The light brought no great relief because then I became aware of color they added. Mostly red: the Duvet-top gore was remarkably well spread for the one headless mouse I stood on in hasty departure for the bathroom.

I am assured that it is gesture of the highest esteem for them to share....


  1. Oh, I love it when they do that. Does Flinders have rabbits? My cat likes to leave half-rabbits on the kitchen floor.

  2. No rabbits on the island, thankfully!