Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shops, buns etc.

Well, a couple of the hired help dropped our stove back this evening with the benefit of an empty gas cylinder and without the benefit of oven cleaner - by the smell from inside. Anyway, lesson learned. Couple of people down on the list of 'avoid'. They're exceptions, but there always are a few.

Anyway I made hot cross buns today. I had no idea just how complicated getting that white cross in the middle was.

B's very excited to be getting the possibility of working a few days down Lady Barron shop. My better half for some reason loves keeping shop - she really enjoyed the wine-cellar work back in Rosetta, and, I think was very good at it. For me, I'd rather do almost anything else. I guess I am fairly solitary a lot of the time and enjoy company now and again. B likes chatting to customers, helping people.

It looks like a week of fairly 'ordinary' weather blowing in, which ought to help the writing process. I've done a bit today, as well as some more firewood cutting. We need about 5 ton to see us through winter, and I only have about 1...

I ate one of the tomatillos (green) this afternoon. It was more pleasant than a green tomato :-) which it looked like. So tomorrow I will see if I have enough for a mexican style salsa (right?).

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  1. Salsa Verde. Cut them in half and roast them cut side down. It makes a much more flavorful salsa then using them raw like a regular tomato.

    After that it's pretty much to taste: cilantro, onions, lime juice, salt, chiles.