Monday, April 11, 2011

Rain were chucking it down...

...Leaving Whitemark and through North Notts it did not desist. There were cows with bronchitis and wet sheep to invite us, as home loomed up through mist..."

The winter rains appear to have started. It seems odd that this was just last week.

I've been doing some writing, and some weeding, and some transplanting (ie. writing has been a little difficult.) Something is plainly wrong with the world as it rained before I watered the transplanted plants rather than in the normal course of events, waiting until I finished.

We did a huge lunch yesterday for some of the friends we owed meals to. Some may recover from the tentacles in the bouillabaisse. I used some of the gurnard perch - put in at the last minute, along with the abalone, and I must say it is very well suited for this treatment. It is a pity the fish has these highly toxic (and painful) spines, making it a risky thing to catch and handle.

I have today received a formal letter of complaint from the Union of Vampires and Allied Trades about the levels of garlic their members have encountered in their victi...clients as a result of the excessive consumption of Dave's salsa verde. I reckon it a good thing I ate some myself. Must have worked on the postal service, as my 2 BCs and another parcel arrived. Now all we need is some nice weather.

I got inspired by Bill's outdoor work-table and put together the bits I got from Peter into a fairly sturdy structure weighing in at about 350 pounds and with 6 inch legs and a work-top that has so much oil I think it is weatherproof. I'm very pleased with it anyway. The only downside is that it sloped very slightly (because we chopped the legs with a chainsaw, and it is outside on uneven ground right next to the shed. So I got B to give me a hand and we rotated it.

Bad move.

It now slopes twice as much!

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