Friday, April 8, 2011


Wednesday, Puggle and the cats are being supportive, and surrounding me in the study.
Yes, I am so apologetic about disturbing you, kitty...

And the island can be a very tranquil place.


  1. That last photo is remarkable! That's never the Bass Strait, surely. I didn't realise there was a big lake or lagoon on Flinders.

  2. :-) Yes, that is the Sounds - the strait between Cape Barron and Flinders. It was like that the day we arrived by ferry - after 2 metre swells out of Bridport. It can be just as flat on the west of the island. It's very shallow a long way out, and we get about 20 days like this a year - when the sea is absolutely flat, not a ripple, let alone a wave. You can imagine how good this is for floundering. And then the wind gets up ;-/

  3. in almost all the far future scifi, they have prolonged lives from something or other....I'm willing to bet that if it occurs, it will stem from someone doing it for pets first.