Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cabin fever

I needed to get out today. About lunch-time it just hit me like -as they say--a smackeroo-blurby. So as B was out getting someone's house ready, I took Peter's van - and as Wednesday was looking at me with reproachful eyes, and I was having 'I should have taken Roly out more ' guilt, I took both of them up to Peter's place (I felt I was over-using a friend's goodwill, and I reckon I owe him some oysters in thanks) rather than the beach as I didn't want them wet and in his vehicle. They ran (Puggle on a lead to try and stop him overdoing it, poor boy) around the lower paddock there, and Wednesday found an electric fence. I have this thing about them only leaving here to go walking in a veheicle so breakout is less tempting, I hope. Anyway, I was out for half an hour and it did lift the spirts a bit and tire out the black menace. She's really missing her playmate. I'm finding it very quiet with B away such a lot. I'm solitary, but there are degrees of solitude. I cut up our stack of wood, and did some minor woodwork before getting back to work, feeling a bit better. They say snow is forecast for Hobart area so maybe it is the weather change. Winter is on its way.

Pads and I were talking on skype - he's been to the Botany Dept and seen my old Oxalis project still on a shelf... Rhodes. Like here it's a bit of a time-warp.


  1. Gods time flies. Planting to be done here. I looked at your idea for a circular solar heating coil and thought it might be right good. Meant to do it this winter. Didn't. You might give it a try if scraps and time are available. I know several people that now keep their hunting camps warm during the day with beer can solar heaters.

  2. In my copious spare time ;-). It'd be a good thing to do - not as vital as where you are, as here, relistically, you can't freeze to death indoors, and daytime winter temps are mostly in double figures centigrade (sorry -never could get my head around farenheit - I think between 50-65?)but not much above 20. We get 2-4 days of frost a year. Just enough for decidious fruit trees.

  3. And today I had the opposite of cabin fever. I wasn't feeling good, so took the day off and am hiding in the house, sleeping in and trying to get some of the odd jobs done that are so hard to do with a little one under foot.