Wednesday, April 20, 2011

long paddock

Well, I put on my second best frock and baked for B's CWA cake sale. I'm going to burn my jockstrap and become a liberated male one day (do I really have to wear it while I am doing this?) I took the hot-cross buns in to much CWA amusement as B was helping clean a house out. Much hilariarity and comments about repressed men, and B not beating me often enough to keep me in my place followed. Fortunately the island is kind of getting used to the idea that I cook. The mysterious steamer from Hong-Kong (ordered from a . au site!) arrived. Instructions in best Chinese... won't buy from them again.

We've moved the sheep into the 'long paddock' for a day or two (our driveway - to save us mowing the edges of it) - with another hyper sheepdog (the other was more of an 'eye dog' intimidating the sheep by staring at them, this one is just pant pant pant run run run hither and thither. We have an alternative way out through the field, which is fine so long as you have a bit of patience.

I cooked up what is probably the last load tomatoes for the freezer. Did a little batch of apples too, but have a few more of those to do against the winter. The mushrooms are starting to put their heads up - and if we get a good rain now we should get a fair number. The Sheep may not help.

I've been tangenting on a YA - contemporary (not 'urban' strictly, because this isn't urban, and I am thinking of setting it here) proposal for O'Mike. It's an interesting setting, not least because of its history which is long and colourful (and bleak too) by Australian standards.


  1. Bleak...I know that's what I look for in YA.


  2. Quilly, have you seen YA recently? The Hunger Games looks about as bleak as can be, and I know the "Pretties" series my daughter was reading was pretty horrible societally.

    Dave, I think setting it on Flinders would be very interesting. I'd buy it. (Then again, I'd buy anything you write, Dr. Monkey!)

  3. Heh. Yes, Quilly. If it's all sunshine and roses there's naught to triumph over, and a book gets pretty boring very fast.

  4. :-) Thank you Cedar. It'd pretty much be a rural 'urban' fantasy - which has to be a little unusual these days.