Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saffron Crocuses

So far the island is rewarding anyone who came for Easter with gales and occasional rain. It's flickered between cold and miserable to warmer and miserable. I am very glad not to be on a yacht racing.

My Saffron crocuses are growing! I think I have about 7 plants, so saffron flavoured dishes (as you get 3 stamens per flower, making saffron a labour-intensive and large number of saffron crocus demanding task. But you have to start somewhere...

And I may start by demolishing the smoke alarm... it hates me grilling. I have the air-extractor on and a window making a through draft, and it is still impossible to grill two chops without multiple meeep meeeeep meeeeeep. Now with our grow it or catch it diet, grilled meat has gone from 4 times a week (back in South Africa) to maybe once every month or so, if that. But we had been given some pork chops - a vast treat, and one rather spoiled by this blasted alarm every 30 seconds while I cook. Anyway, it's generally not that sensitive, so I will allow it to live.

Tomorrow I need to try and do reasonable drawings of the steam-mole and coal-fired submarine. I've done a slew of sketches in between work today. I've never been asked for this degree of input into cover art before...

We've opened the gate from the long paddock into the big field. But the sheep say they LIKE keeping us trapped. It's fun. (Ok so sheep don't get a lot of entertainment).

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