Monday, April 18, 2011

Tomatillos and sorbet glasses

According to Quilly's instructions I grilled these until the skins blackened a bit. The sauce I made is okay, rather than great. And I can't say the aftertaste is inspiring. I don't think they warrant garden space unless I find a more attractive use. Oh well, I can say I have grown them now.

The school had a jumble sale that I had to go to on my own as B was at the shop in Lady Barron. She's having a frantic week, working all over. I need B so I get over my mean-ness at these things. They say Scots blood will out and I am very shall we say, conservative about these things and probably missed a number of good buys. As they say -- no' mean, just carefu'-- But I did get some sorbet glasses, for 20 cents a piece, and was well pleased with that. I probably should have bought some of the tables and furniture bits simply for the value of the wood, and if I'd been there fast enough to get two 30 dollar kayaks, I would have. But they need work, and I could only have one, and I could see no way of transporting it easily. So: rather like the windsurfers at an earlier garage sale, they stayed unbought.

And then I came home and wrote. Just to be different!


  1. I usually only like it as a salsa too be poured over Pork or Beef. Like on a soft taco. Some people add sugar to it...kinda like ketchup.

  2. If you're interested I'll send you a recipe for a salsa blending tomatillos and tomatoes - comes out a red salsa, rather than green. Stretches out the tomatoes a bit and moderates the spice you can get with some chiles. (Long time lurker leaping from the shadows - but I actually know something about this one...)

  3. Thank you! I still have quite a lot of the tomatillos and some tomatoes.