Friday, April 15, 2011

I seem to have aquired a bit of a cold. Please can the original owner reclaim it. I really don't want it. The weather today was a bit ordinary (as they say here) - a pity seeing as I was hoping to go and fish or dive. Anyway, I did cut a load of firewood at my mate Pete's place, and sort out some lures from the most amazing tangle. And save the lives of three Wendies (aka female superb fairy wrens) that had flown into the study. Fortunately for them, just then we had no cats in the study.

We lent the medical students some wetsuits and stuff. I gather the attempts to get into a 7mm jacket were more than just funny.

And then we went to the boardgames evening and no-one came. Bill and Maria rescued us, before we came home. And now it is dark and late and cold. There are new and miserable cows next door, and they 'la lowing'. I will have persuade Wednesday before full winter that she really doesn't need the study door open to check on them! See what drinking snail beer does to you!

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  1. Y'a know, if you made some beer and bottled it under the label "Snail Beer" it might be a hit! Kind of like that tequila that has a worm in it (I think I may have my drinks mixed :-)