Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia day today, an we went along to the barbeque at Emita beach. So different now we know so many more people. It was lovely and relaxed, kids playing and not a worry in the world between them and their parents... Flinder Island :-)

We got the present of some Roe deer Venison (from Tassie) today. I don't know real 'venison'(deer meat as opposed to the antelope meat which I know quite well) so I cooked it quite briefly and simply on the ridged grill. I did do some buckwheat pancakes and a Shiitake mushroom, cream, muscadel, tassie mountain pepper and spring onion sauce. I was a little disappointed in the meat (tasted it without sauce), but it was an immortal sauce.


  1. I like the description of the sauce.

    Are the shiitake local? And if so have you thought about raising your own?

    I doubt you'd be allowed to import direct from Japan but in Japan you can buy logs preimplanted with the fungus. Just leave them in a dampish sheltered spot and in a few months you've got mushroooms. If you mix the logs with regular pine/fir logs you'll get also usually get successful seeding from the original logs to the new ones. I wonder if you can get the same in Aus somewhere?

  2. My grandmother used to say that venison required extra fat. She'd use bacon to wrap it or cook a pork roast in the same pan. When she ground it up she'd add in pork fat.