Monday, January 2, 2012

Back on line and the move of the fowls.

Well, the mystery of the non-working internet is solved. Loose connection in the cable-jack I think, because it worked fine with an alternative cable (which was at the other house).

The chooks have moved to temp'ry quarters - the chook house here, while the chookabago suffers disassembly and transportation for its crimes. Serve it right for being so big and heavy. It was suggested that the 'bago - and residents, toured the distance along the long paddock (the road margin), but at 5 yards a day, it was going to take more than ten years, and I reckon for our chookies that would be a whole new meaning on 'transportation for life'. I had considered harnessing the entire thing to a truck, but the chickens can't walk that fast (they line up at the front edge of the Chookabago, and walk as I pull it). And they're not great fliers... I thought they might arrive pre-plucked.

The house is starting to resemble a home. There is still a slew more work, and of course writing to do, but we have the basic items of survival:books on the shelf, and a kettle:-)


  1. And best wishes to you & your spouse for an excellent 2012

  2. Happy New Years, Freer Family! Here's something to add a bit of cheer to it.

    "Fantasy Author Dave Freer Emerges as Major Talent"

  3. Congrats on your PhD by the way. Where do you find the time?