Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two forward, one back, half sideways...

Well, of the old house 5 rooms are done, and 3 still have varying level of boxes of smaller items - but we're definitely getting close now. The problems with being a book lover are illustrated by my sore back.

I cleaned my chip's vanes of dust and cobwebs and it's a much happier machine. Peter also showed up with a fan that woul probably be good enough for a labrador-size microlite - which I will keep quiet about as puggles met the electric fence with his puggly nose this afternoon. Flying over it would be very inconvenient for sheep, wallaby and other passing sheepdogs.

With ominous creaking sounds and a face turning puce and nearly giving myself various multiple hernias the Olive trees are moved. The bigger one took quite some wind-battering (although I crept back at 50km/h) and its branch-tip leaves are not looking good.

We have a phone - thanks to my wife having far more patience than me... and my office has A LOT more boxes of books than I have book cases (the old house had some built in and came with one, we left 4 behind in SA).

I've lost the key to the sideboard (a lot of plates need to go there.

On the other hand I have the piezo working on my stove, and did a delicious supper of scorzonera, patty pans and flathead.


  1. I've been a bad fan, I'm sorry...

    Re books: this year, I've given away about 30 boxes of books. I'm proud to say that all the books I intend to keep are now unpacked and on shelves (some of these have been in boxes since circa 1982). Of course, this entailed buying 4 new book cases and building myriad others...

    Congratulations on the survival of the olive trees!

  2. Dave, a cheaper alternative to bookshelves, if you can get them there are the metal shelving with wooden boards on them. I've done that with my books and it's meant I don't have to have my books 2 deep to fit them in. Here's a link for an example of what I'm talking about and I can supply a picture if you want of how I store them.

  3. Need to get some reviewers on smashwords, the more reviews the better received your books are, a point made on mg website just before christmas.