Sunday, January 8, 2012

Steam and the woop woop

The proofs for DOG AND DRAGON are in, we've steam cleaned two sets of carpets in two houses (and these ones were infinitely worse) and almost everything is here now. Well barring my half-watertanks full of horse manure. It's absolute hell trying to work and move house and fix things and deal with the livestock and plants (none of which will wait). Anyway... slowly forwards.

We have the local woop woop critters to deal with too - a possum was in the carport -and left evidence of his passing on the car and a blue-tongue (skink - big lizard) ate two tomatoes (yes lizards that eat red fruit). There was a wallaby on the driveway (30 yards from the door) and the wombat has been digging up bulbs. And there is the dratted Joe Witty bird that is danger of becoming barbecue.

But things are getting there. Really they are. And we have a stud detector -which for a suitable fee I am sure my friend Bill will hire out to anyone looking for a stud. For a much larger fee I will teach the machine to lie and say you are one. (it's for detecting wood or metal behind drywalling -so we can put in picture hooks without them ripping and without electrocuting ourselves. And Peter has lent me a thicknesser - which means I can tell how thick the stud is for those who like their studs stupid (or not). Otherwise I believe I can use it for prepping some planks for a book-case.

We move on... out in the woop woop :-)

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