Tuesday, January 31, 2012

dog search

I had a very 'entertaining' morning of spending time I don't have hunting a lost Schipperkie (we're feeding dogs for some folk while they're away). It's a very small dog in very tall grass. Anyway, I found her,some 2km or so away from home, running down the main road (OK flinders main road. A car every 10 minutes even) and returned her home and fixed the fence I hope. It's in a shocking state. No, not electrified. I would recommend that to keep the little dog alive, long term!

This afternoon saw Dave standing with a hose and a toilet cistern... on the lawn, seeing if it leaked. The old pipe's inteface with the cistern does. The scene rapidly descends into farce, as I put the new pipe on and try to establish if that leaks or not... in the pouring rain.

I don't THINK it was leaking.

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