Friday, January 13, 2012

Playing possum

Somehow we had a possum inside the house yesterday (and the kitty door is the only access). Evidence of it being here, no sign of said possum... the mystery continueth.


  1. Years ago I had a teen-aged possum come in by the dog/cat door. Got onto it by the reaction of the cat - scared and hissing. I finally managed to corner it in a bathroom. Then I had to shut doors, block things off, and open a back door before herding the possum to the door and out. Keeping the cat from trying to climb up to the top of my head was a bigger problem.

    Mine was a teenager just kicked out by mom and looking for food and a safe hole. I don't know what would have happened if it had been his mom!

  2. I haven't found this one. But I suspect - by the evidence - it also a small one. If it picks on my cats I will introduce it extreme prejudice - the dogs.

  3. if there's attic access look up there. Possums tend to love high places. That's presuming you mean the same thing by opossum that I do *remembers the crayfish that are really lobsters...*