Monday, January 16, 2012

How to assemble a wheelbarrow

Barbs went into Roberts today and asked if they had a wheelbarrow to sell her... They said... yes. In a manner of speaking. Sort of.

She said 'does that mean it's still on the boat? (we live in ferry-lands, at their whim)

'Noo... well, actually they're at Lees (the motor-repair workshop) waiting to be assembled.'

Now this is Flinders... that means it could happen in 10 minutes... or three months. So B asked if they'd trust her to buy it in pieces... and went along and collected them. Which meant that we had a fine new game this evening of three-D wheelbarrow assembly. There are a surprising number of ways the bits can go together.

But we did it! transported the bricks to office...

It was a bit of a balancing trick.

What do you mean, 'most people have the bucket part the other way up.'?

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