Saturday, January 14, 2012

mozzies and books

Books... did I mention we have a lot of books? None of us part willingly with one. And we did lose several bookshelves moving from the old country and the built-in ones at John's place. So it's been adapt... At the moment some bee-hive planks are doing bookshelf duty. And tomorrow we need to contrive more. Ah well, self inflicted injury. Unlike poor Barb's fingers cut by a piece of glass stuck to the tape of the box.

Last night we opened a bug-screenless window to get the possum out - and closed it at 2 AM by which time we'd been devoured by mozzies - and the local ones train on sheep and wallaby so they bite through hair, sheets, jeans... Normally the wind keeps them down, but it's very still. I should be out after prawns or flounder... too tired, too behind.

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