Sunday, January 29, 2012

so... this is summer.

After last night's total onslaught by the mozzies, the cistern project was shelved for now and i attacked the all possible watersources - meant bucketing out the fountain and terminating a lot of taddies and a few mozzie larvae. The water tank was next, and that may give us trouble next rains, but now has a mozzie mesh lined input. The little horrors were also breeding in in the septic - accessing it through a crack in the concrete. This too has been stoppered. So it took till this evening before I put the cistern on... and it leaks into the bowl just as badly. I now suspect the problem may be the pipe between the two (or the fit of the top of that pipe.) Will test it tomorrow. It was just too hot in the middle of the day to do anything. I should have gone diving.

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