Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prices Slashed...

Mr Prices (well, actually not, but it sounds good) came and slashed with the trctor today. So now I have about half an acre of new-mown hay, instead of 3 foot high grass. This is a good thing but may take a powerful amount of raking. The slashing was... interesting. The garden is powerful full of anti tank traps, old septic tanks , strange concrete things, rocks, pipes (unburied) and taps with steel star poles and occasional holes for burying errant VW Beetles in (well, big). Still, our friend did a very patient and good job of not hitting things. It took him about two and half hours, and the time slash that sort of area would be about 10 minutes if it were straightforward.

I have the electric fence for keeping in dogs working (this is vital. We cannot have them getting out and possibly worrying sheep. They'd be shot) - testing at about 7 kilovolts. Neither of the dogs are showing any sign of going near it, not even when the sheepdogs were just outside it. It's a major job, and done now.

The boxes continue their unending open and unpack and the where the hell will we put this and why have we kept it so long process. Work has been in abeyance, and this cannot continue much longer :-(


Still, slowly, step by step, some sideways and some back things are getting done.


  1. Dave

    How are you powering the electric fence?

    Electricity costs by watts - do electric fences use electricity standing by, or only when shorted?

    Does having a huge powered capacitor out there interfere with radio and digital TV reception?


  2. How long has this house been unoccupied? Sounds like a lot longer by the yard than your earlier description.

    Lisa S. in Seattle

  3. It's a solar powered fence. Got its own panel and battery. And it's further from the house than most microwave towers are from the ground. No interference noticed.

  4. It's had young guys batching in it for some time - the grass here will a couple of feet high in a few months, left ungrazed or cut