Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well, we got 10 flounder, 2 squid, and a lemon sole last night... and bed by 3 AM (and up late... 7 AM for me. I really need 5-6 hours sleep so I was not at my brightest today, and decided manual labour not thought was called for) which is why we fetched the ride on Dingerra at mid day and B and I spend hours in the blazing sun cutting - after I forked up about a ton of hay this morning. It's an intereseting experience with no steering wheel, and just levers controlling it. Now that I've used one, it does make other mowers pale into insignificance. Getting it up ramps (never having driven one of these) and onto the ute made ME pale.

And then there was letting Barbs loose on it.

And then we got the pressure hose and sprayed the dust and spiders off the house... well one wall.

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