Monday, January 9, 2012

The shuffle, the polka, the mazurka... and their moving dances

Today was a good one for the famous shuffle-the-washing dance. Clothes out on the Hills Hoist (that's a windi-dry South Africans)... rain. Clothes in. Repeat as often as you have patience or sets of clothes you're prepared to get soaked while running around rescuing wet washing from another rain rinse.

I've finished another section of the electric fence. I truly hate wire work - your hands always end up sore. Unpacked some boxes. Carried stuff from A so I could get stuff out of B and then taken stuff from B to C and emptied stuff from C into A and put B stuff in C, and then repeat...

Mind you it was nothing to the shoe-horn and grease wiggle I had to do to get the thicknesser out of Peter's container. I thought I might be like Pooh-bear, stuck until I lost weight or the fireys came with the Jaws of Life. Never had to pack myself to get something out before.

I noticed something rather nice last night. We can't see a solitary light from here. :-).


  1. "We can't see a solitary light from here."

    I'm jealous.

  2. So am I!!
    Imagine the stars -- and I can only imagine, as I think back to when my house was my grandparents', the county had a couple hundred thousand fewer people, and the nights were black.

    Not one light ...

  3. The stars are fantastic - but nights are often quite light... full moon in clean air is surprisingly bright (Barbs and I got out of bed to see what light we'd left on the other night - none. Just the moon)

  4. Just because it's a least half million times dimmer, doesn't make the Evil Night not-Star any less annoying that its better known daytime rival.