Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kitty doors and the blue smoke

The kitties have their double door to wider world thanks to Peter and his Jigsaw. So far Robin has rewarded me by digging up my new-planted plants and using my veg garden as public convenience. Or at least a kitty convenience. Yes, that's cat-gratitude for you.

The strawberry plants have developed a terrible infestation of metallic-looking beetles. I sometimes feel gardening is an uphill battle... on the good days. We had a torrential downpour this morning which had me out rescuing gutters (they get full of leaves, and overfill and peel off the house) and realizing part of the yard may be rather swampy in winter, when most of the rain falls. Ah well, so long as the house is dry.

It's been a day of glueing and screwing and clamping and fiddling and muttering and cursing - mostly by me looking for various things I know I have but can't find. Anyway, there is a handle on the dog-and-Dave closet door, and we got a long way with turning my moneterry cedar rough planks into planks proper and usable... only the magic blue smoke escaped from Peter's thicknesser, (fortunately while he was driving the beast) and left me just short of the final step. Anyway, the manky ones will do for a temporary bookcase, and the final stage to bee-boxes will just have to wait some more (I wanted to do them all so I could use them as temp shelves, to allow me to clear another area. It's move one to access the next.)

And on... tomorrow we go across to the other house to finish up with the cleanup there and hopefully that will be that. There is still a lot do here, but one house not two will make us less stretched. I HAVE to get some writing done.

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