Saturday, November 6, 2010

Alas, no camera!!

We had a really beautiful morning out, with 2 friends, on a seacliff. The sea was like coloured glass, the sky washed clear and blue, and none of us took a camera!!

The 2 'guests' were doing their first rock climbs, in idyllic surroundings, and there is no proof that they actually got up any of the routes they attempted. (Which they did!) Life is so unfair. They will just have to come again, when the weather and sea are just as perfect and do it again.

(Also they might choose a day when one does not have to perform in the evening, and the other does not have a 80km cycle the next day!)

But despite the lack of evidence, they said that they had actually enjoyed the morning, so I hope the bruises do not show on stage tonight, and that the stiffness does not prevent a long cycle tomorrow!

Dave also climbed a route, just to show that it was possible, but I stayed on solid ground, and just did some instruction yelling, and some belaying.

Unfortunately the weather had not looked so good at home, so we had taken no diving or fishing gear with us, but we had a wonderful morning all the same.

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