Sunday, November 28, 2010

Medium Monsoon

"And rain slacked off soon, to medium Monsoon, and the day didn't look such a black 'un..."
Except it was. James and I went out to the gun club - in the rain, and assumed that the shoot had been cancelled. So we went to Lady Barron, and got wetter yet trying for trevally for half an hour. No fish, and lots of wet... So we went to Max for coffee (very good coffee at the Lady Barron store. If you come to Flinders you basically HAVE to do two things. Climb Strzlecki and buy a Coffee from Max and Sue. There is a long list of good 'could do', but that's the 'must do') to find that Tom had given us the wrong date... and it had been yesterday. So we bought chicken wire and came home. B had on the garden tour and got in at about six, very tired. And the rain had finally let up.

Oh well, a bit more writing work done and I dismembered a reel I bout several garage sales ago to see if I could fix it with the 3rd broken one I bought yesterday. And now I have enough bits to make another whole reel.

Cooked James flathead and chips - just to let him know he was back on the island.


  1. That's reely good news about the fishing tackle

  2. Spare the rod and spoil Francis...

  3. Eye see. I think you're trying to make a spool of me with that line.

  4. Just fishing for compliments, I think.