Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And there were no fish

It was windy and cold at 6 on the jetty. And there were no fish so I was back by 7.30AM. And I have worked and waterd some plants. And that's about all for today.


  1. "And that's about all for today." Melbourne Cup day... Sigh, and you were doing so well as a trainee Australian.

    Obviously there's still considerable work to do, but I'm sure if you keep at it you'll get there eventually.

  2. No fish = good time to listen to music.

    I read somewhere that you are a Corries’ fan. The name Freer, does it have Scottish roots ? If so, one of your countrymen lives just up the road in Adelaide, Eric Bogle (“The green fields of France” and many brilliant songs). Ah the early 60s, I grew up on ‘folk’ music, protest songs etc. Could occasionally be found plinking away on old faithfulls, A,E and D, mostly in the bathroom (great accoustics), and very occasionally at the ‘English Folk Song and Dance Society’ in North London – what a pompous name for a bunch of hairy wannabees. Once sat in a coffee bar near SOHO listening to a talented young guy and chatting while he sang (such disrespect), how was I to know he would go on to fame and fortune, change his faith to Islam and return to recording. His early work had a good edge to it. Acoustic guitar – Tommy Emmanuel, an Aussie, well worth a listen, he is way past good. Aus is awash with talent. Mind you the Midlands has its fair share of hairy accousticals, Splashy Fen is over 20 years old.

    Almost tempted to get out the old 12 string and hack my way through “Where do the children play”; good timing as Cathy is in Howick shopping and the dogs are tone deaf, they won’t notice if I screw up the intro.

  3. Yes, I listened to the cup on the radio... Followed most of the race, but it was good to be part of a group of 7 all glued to the commentator. I didn't have a horse in the work draw, so I was free to cheer for the field!

    Peter play, I am sure the dogs will love it!