Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Eish. It was HOT today. Unusually so, with a hot dry wind. And to add insult to injury some #$%#ing bird broke the lead shoot out of one of the watermelons. Still the book moved on. I have seeded a large seedling tray with artichoke seeds. I've also put in more asparagus seed seeing as the once I planted have shot up and are a good six inches... Okay maybe 5... we men are prone to exaggurate about length. Anyway, the grape (in a container) and the next pumkin and next rock melon went out this evening. Hope tomorrow is cooler.


  1. I thought that asparagus took about 3 years from seed to harvest.

  2. Yes, Asparagus shoots start very thin (and the plants quite weak) and die back every winter, in spring the new shoots come up. You really need to wait 3 years before the asparagus crowns are producing enough shoots to harvest without damaging/killin the plant. But the seeds germinate and grow quite fast.