Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turning over compost and eating (not the compost)

The wonderfully informative piece on fast composting (which told me less than i needed to know) did say I needed to turn over the pile. I considered merely standing on my head and looking at it upside down as a good approximation, but then, knowing my veggie soil needs it and James needs a lot of feeding, decided to do it. Conclusions. 1)It's a long way from compost. 2) It's heavy.

Perhaps not the right task to take on after the 4 hour Italian style lunch Wanda fed us, but as I came home weighing about twice what I left, excercise was called for. Eh? what did we eat? Well, stuffed olives, gorgozola and pate and biccies then tortellini and a home-made pasta sauce (gnocci with gluten free flour does not work) and then roast lamb and veggies, and then tiramasu and then coffee and choccies.

Most delicious. Do not turn down an invitation to eat there, ever. Do NOT have a biccy or two at tea. Hold back on gorgonzola even if you love it as much as I do.

No. I will not have a last mint thin!!

It's raining spit-spots and I shall write for a while and take my over-stuffed stomach to bed.


  1. I don't believe you are supposed to do strenuous exercise after such a lunch. You should sit on a terrace with grappa and coffee and let the world roll by.

    And give thanks that you aren't at an American Thanksgiving becuase they'd be bringing out another 5 more courses at that point...

  2. I am so glad there were not more courses. What we had was delicious, but I could not have eaten a mouthful more! Still it was a super meal with really good company.