Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We have a new convert!

We went down to the wharf for squid tonight.

A new island resident joined us. And having told us that he had done river fishing, but had not fished in the sea before, proceeded to catch more than anyone else on the jetty. I wonder if he is a poker player? Or if it was just beginners luck? Or his dayglo pink jig? But whatever the case, we all had several chuckles, (especially as he learned never to look a live squid in the eye!) and we came home with some squid.

I think we have hooked a new convert into the fine art of squidding.

He has also learned to gut them, now he just has to eat one, to compare it to bought calamari.


  1. Squid! Yay!

    When we come a-visiting, I really really really want to go squidding. With the boys, who will be delighted by the whole process. And by the food that results.

  2. Then you'll have to plan your trip by the tide :-). It looks like it may be possible to come over by ferry at the end of the year - making another adventure and quite a saving. We look forward to having you here

  3. If he is addressing the ball with a 5 iron he is very ambitious, perhaps he should play around the lake. Shouldn't he get a free drop ?

  4. Only with a jig, can he have a free drop.

  5. Hi Barbs
    Misread that as "free dop" then I remembered that alchohol impairs my driving, not to mention trashing my putting and short game.

  6. Hi Barbs,

    from what I read here, your squid is better than my shop calamari.

    May we please have a preparation of squid, cooking of same detailed instructions?

    All of my attempts resulted in small truck tires. Obviously, you guys know a secret I wish I knew.

    Just curiosity, what does Tantalus' golf comment have to do with squid??? I thought someone must have posted after one too many, yet you understood.


  7. I don't play golf, so have no idea. A 'dop'is a drink. Squid is a mollusc - so the same protein rules apply as to other molluscs like Abelone or periwinkles or octopus - cook very briefly, hot and protected by batter, or cook a LOOOONG time at low heat. Laying squid rings in crushed kiwi fruit will work as a pre-marianade.
    We do them a lot of ways but the easiest is salted flour, egg, shallow fry for about 45 seconds and the 30 on the other side.

  8. Ian and Dave are quite right, I ignored one of the basic tenets of blogging which is to stick to the subject. Mea culpa.

  9. Hi Ian, Dave does all the cooking, so asking me about it, is doomed from the start! I am quite good at washing up, and my gutting is getting better though.

    I presumed that in the photo, it looked like our 'new convert' was addressing a ball, rather than a squid, and went from there. (I had no idea there were rules to blogging! I hope I have not broken too many of them!!) Maybe it is a South African thing.