Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today James and I drove nothwards up the island. I spent the morning helping some friends in the garden, while James gave a computer lesson, to a late starter. He says she is learning fast, and having bought her computer for a song at the garage sale, will soon be proficient at using it.

Then he helped cut some bushes, with the wonderful hedge cutter, which I must admit I do not like as much as the electric one, as I find the petrol engine heavy when holding the machine at full arm stretch.

After coming home for lunch, he and I headed out again to go and fish. We came home with 7 fish, a high total for us, and they were of 3 very different species. Leatherjacket, Wrasse and Pike. We also caught a really beautiful bright green fish, with pale blue lines in its tail fins, and a dull red stripe along its body. As it was only 240mm long, and we had no idea what it was, we returned it to grow bigger. (Please do not post to tell me it was big enough to be legal, and the best eating fish in Tas?)

While we were gutting our catch, I got hit by the 49th wave, and ended up rather wet, so I showered as soon as we got home. While I was in the shower, James and Dave headed out to try for some squid. I was tired by then, and was happy to stay home!

They did not catch any, as the tide is still a bit early, and the wind was blowing, but at least Dave got out for a bit.

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