Monday, November 15, 2010


Hmm. I realise I just forgot to post anything yesterday! It was my writer's group late yesterday pm and trying to get my wordcount done last night, posting got away from me. The writers group continues to be a fascinating insight into different lives and backgrounds (Nik for instance is Indian and his descriptions of India are incredibly vivid and real). It's also great seeing how the guys progress - me too, I hope. I keep learning stuff. To add to the time issue, I've just got the page proofs for MUCH FALL OF BLOOD. I've been frantically planting out seedlings but need to clear some space and prep some planting area for the melons and pumpkins and sweetcorn - no room in the garden for those. And we need to get some kind of LARGE planter for the grape plant.

We went down to try for squid, but the wind was too hectic, although the tide and time is right.


  1. Hi Dave,

    I'm puzzled. I read "Much Fall of Blood" and was most impressed. So how come you are reading page proofs?

    Off topic:

    Thanks for your cooking instructions.

    Gypsies: I didn't mean write the entire book, I meant rewrite your sample section to be more balanced between the sane characters, few as they are (2 of, to be precise).

    It may be arrogant of me, if so I apologise, you are a published writer and I'm not. Its just that it seems to me that what we discussed, my disappointment at the scarcity of the Lieutenant, may be affecting the chance to sell.


  2. Ian, I get to proof the Hardcover, and a second bite at the paperback. I gotanother reader whinging about how bad it is... so got to give it a good shot. Big complicated books that I know well are hard to proof.

    I got what you're saying about Gypsies, and you're probably right. I just can't fit it in right now. I'm already trying to finish two books by year end - working on both.

  3. Two more Dave Freer to come out next year!! YEAH!