Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We had a friend in South Africa who was ex British Army. And I am sure I am misquoting, but his saying went something like, "Precise prior planning prevents p..s poor performance!"

Today I feel as if I have been running on the spot. I got quite a lot done, but a little pausing and planning would have saved a lot of running around.

I wanted to mow the long grass. I have been keeping the lawn mowed, with the brushcutter, but we have now decided to cut the whole area inside our fence, to discourage snakes and fire. I thought I would have a peaceful week in which to do it, but the days seem to be filling up with other essentials, like fishing, more work, CWA, etc, so today I needed to make a good dent in it.

I cut for an hour, but Dave needed the cream that had not yet come off yesterday's boat when he went to town. So I changed into smarter clothes and went shopping at 9am, when the shops open, and bought what we needed and then came home and vacuumed the house.

Then after a proper wash and brush up I went back into town for a small church service at the Multipurpose Centre for the older ladies who cannot make it to church on Sundays. I also collected a 'roo and a cabbage, and did most of a round for Meals on Wheels. Unfortunately one of the recipients lives out of town, and we deliver to her daughter, but she had closed her business while she was at a meeting, so I could not get in.

So I went back home and we cut up the 'roo for dog food, and gave each, very grateful, dog a bone, finished off the 'slice' ready to take in to town for the CWA as a trial run for the fair on Saturday. Dave had also made more Chelsea Buns for me, and as we had to take things to be sold at the market in Dec, he had donated one of his books. I had knitted a pair of mullimitts with wool sent over from New Zealand. (And beautiful they looked too!) As I was a hostess I also had to organise tea and coffee.

Once again I drove into town, delivered the Meals on Wheels, returned the 'eskies' or 'coolboxes' to the kitchen, invited a friend to join us tomorrow, and went to set up for the CWA. I discovered there were about 25 big boxes of books on the table we usually sit at, so I moved them to a neat pile on the floor, and put the 'slice' in the fridge to go on setting, and boiled the kettle. Then I discovered I had forgotten the milk, the mittens and the book.

Back home I rushed, dashed in and around dogs to collect what I needed, and got back just in time for the meeting to start. The secretary had been into the CWA rooms before me, had seen the books, and had decided to use another table. She was quite bewildered to come back and find the books moved, buns on the counter, but no humans around! Still, we had a fun meeting, with lots of laughs, and I won the raffle. A beautiful red tea towel, which is exactly what we need. They were one of the things we did not bring over with us.

Dave's food was well received, but they pointed out that the 'slice' needed to set better, as it would have to be eaten with fingers on Saturday. Luckily today we all had teaspoons to eat with today but it was delicious.

Then back home to do another assault on the grass, some of which is waist high. I made some progress, but I have put the completion date back to the end of next week, or maybe a bit later....

Now it is 6pm, and I am going to have a long leisurely bath, and contemplate how I could have managed the day better.

There is still sewing to do, and we are leaving early tomorrow morning, so I could begin planning for that...


  1. The way I usually misquote it is: "P* poor planning prevents proper performance"

  2. That could be it, but I am sure Reggie had more P's! But I need the planning to get through the rest of this week.

  3. I've always seen it the way Barbs phrased it.

  4. My goodness, what a busy day, Barbs. I'm sure the bath was enjoyed after being so well earned :)

  5. It is living quietly on a remote island, it gives us so much time to relax????