Saturday, November 27, 2010

Barbeques and garage sales

Molly's* full-time boyfriend (I'm only Molly's bit on the side) invited us for a barbie as a housewarming. He wouldn't let us do it in the traditional South African style with some petrol and locking the doors on the new occupants, on account of this is Flinders and you don't lock the doors, and anyway petrol is too expensive. Lots of interesting salads (pumpkin, feta, pine nuts and parsley) they had made way better yoghurt cheese than us, with half a teaspoon of salt. There was meat! (from a butcher, not a 'roo or the larder of the ocean). We'd been promised special roasted Kamarooka ants which build anthills slightly larger than Texas and have stinging tails and pink trunks, but the quarantine inspector must have got them.

Anyway good coffee, good wine, a load 'guid craik' - the parts Greg and Greg (who were sitting next to each other.... either that or this Australian red wine is making me see double. Normally I thought the things your saw double were alike... Obviously the Rusty Dunnie Cabernet 2011 we bought for the occassion is something really special. This double vision is of two different things) about the length of TV aerial and the sort of reception you'd get were probably some of the worst double entendres I haven't made myself. All in all, a great evening.

The morning started with a garage sale. It turned out to be contents rather than the garage itself, but we did buy a few bargains - 3 bust fishing-rods with 2 good reels (for $2 - a real bargain), another bicycle (James has his one here), a nice life jacket (we have a collection now - at this rate we can strap them together and attach an outboard to them, and buy a small boat to wear) and a shortie wetsuit that would do for an extra vest (but not another me size wetsuit as I'd hoped for), and 3 pairs of fins (the shoe kind for summuer) and a game of Boule. And by something of a misunderstanding failed to buy the 2 windsurfers - we said fine, deal, and went off to get more money and the owner thought we'd left and sold them to someone else - for less! This is probably a blessing as I only know how to sail in one direction with a windsurfer - and this is Okay on small dams and less of a good idea on the open ocean.

Much later we ended up with a $10 computer for a friend and large box of envelopes... but that is another story.

And then our top seckrit agent in Melbourne (a friend who is retiring to to the Island) gave me a call to say he was at a garage sale and there was a 2 piece thick wetsuit for $20 did I want it? So I was a very happy man after all. This may change if James gets me to ride the bicycle.

* Molly is a Great Dane cross Irish Wolfhound and is a very lovely girl.