Saturday, November 13, 2010

waders and veggie hampers

The wind in the willows.... well everything tonight. Blowing snot out of your ears if you face into the breeze. Been an interesting day - we went to 2 garage sales - couldn't have been more different (the first was a resell everything we bought at garage sales sale. In a garage with lots of junk and eggs for anyone who came to buy. At which we found some $10 waders for B and combustion stove-top kettle and an icecream scoop (lost ours moving over) and some more plates-not-for-smart. The proprieter's partner was sitting drinking beer at 9 AM. The second was terribly smart and not in anything quite as lowering as a garage and had nicky-knacky clothes and scarves and bits of pottery... well, B found a couple of bargains, and then we had to rush to the Church fair (at which everyone takes a stall) and I had to drop in my various slices... there were books, plants, cakes, frilly hangers (what is the difference between a male hanger and female hanger? Um Don't answer that!)and there were I think 8 raffles. I bought some tomato seedlings, and B some raffle tickets...

We should have bought a lotto ticket instead because we won the veggie hamper. I have to laugh. Never won as much as a slice of cake before we came here. It includes a store bought chicken which will be a shock for us! It's like store-bought cake...

And some person left a roo-bar just inside our gate. We need one, but this one won't fit, sadly. Nice thought though. It's aluminium which makes - I think - it quite hard to alter. Anyway, that's Flinders. Now to find out who it was so I can thank them.


  1. :-)

    Glad to hear a good time was had by all. Congrats on the chicken!

  2. Sadly winning raffles and door prizes (I've had rather a streak over the last couple of years, three useful store gift certificates and an aster plant) doesn't seem to translate into luck with the occasional hopeful purchase of a multimillion dollar lotto ticket. But congrats on the veggie hamper.

    Can you explain a roo bar? Does it keep them out? They can't jump over?

  3. it's like a cattlebar out in ranching areas. The idea is that if one of the critters is suicidal enough to run out in front of you on the road that is smashes itself off the bars instead of destroying your headlights, ornamental grill, and radiator.

  4. As well as our raffle winnings, we were also given two gifts. A jar of marmalade, and a dishtowel pack. Both of which will be made good use of! The scourer has already been used to clean the kettle we bought, and I can't wait to taste the marmalade, which has some ginger in it.

  5. Sob, ginger.

    Ginger snaps, ginger bread, as a spice, whole in honey. The basis of so many wonderful Asian meals.

    Then... ... it was proved I'm allergic to ginger. And not just just ginger.

    Ginger - look like I'm totally drunk, fall down, unconscious 5 - 45 minutes, mentally weird for 1 to 20 hours.

    Basil - stentorian breathing, blackout, perhaps vomiting etc.

    Coriander - instant fall down, blood pressure falls to as near zero it can get, quick recovery to standing, but feeling like I've been punched out for a few hours.

    Mint - hives on my face and body.

    Its a damn nuisance, as our favourite foods almost always require one of these.

    Still, we're alive and mushrooms and such are good additives into stews.

    Regards and keep posting.