Thursday, November 11, 2010

And I thought yesterday was busy!

Today we got up early, loaded up two friends and headed for the beach. We went up to West End so that Dave could dive for abalone. He was shown a new spot by one of our friends but decided to dive in his tried and tested spot, as he would be diving alone.

He got his 10 abalone, and while he was out the three of us fished. For one of the gents it was his first attempt with a fishing rod, and I wish I had a pic of his face with his first fish on the hook. Unfortunately it was too small and had to go back, but I gave him the Australian Salmon I caught, as a consolation prize. (Yes, I did tell him that they do not freeze well, and he had to eat it tonight.)

The salmon gave me a super fight, and our unfortunate friend was dancing from side to side of me with the landing net, ready to catch it, as the fish zigged across in front of us. Still it all ended well, and I got a Wrasse to keep the cats happy. Just at the last we tried a hole Dave had found diving, and if I am prepared to get wet to fish, it should be really productive.

Unfortunately we were on a time limit, as I had to be back in town to collect the Meals on Wheels at 12 again, so I dropped off the three men, and just made it in time to deliver the food, but with no time to go into the house to change. I had been using squid for bait, and I could smell it, but none of the recipients noticed, I hope. Or they were too polite to say so!

Then it was back home to help Dave with the abalone, rinse the wetsuits, eat some lunch and head out to the show grounds to help set up the tables for the fair on Saturday. We took a while to get in, and then carried tables hither and yon to get them into the right place for the stalls. The birds seem to live in there between shows, so we also spent some time sweeping and cleaning tables.

I rushed back home with 10 minutes to spare for a shower and food, before meeting our boat fishing buddy for some stick shift driving practice. The plan was that I would drive slowly around a field and he would load hay bales onto the back. Dave made me a delicious snack, and then came out with me, to see where I was going to be, so he could fetch me home in time for dancing tonight.

So as it was only one field up, and one across, from where we live, he came out with bare feet, and in shorts and a long sleeved T-shirt. Once I started driving, Dave naturally started to help with the hay bales. So, I can definitely say that, in order to load hay, you need gloves, thick long pants and shoes!! Still we got it all loaded up in record time, and I can now have some R & R before we go dancing. And I am once more proficient at gear changing, or managing a clutch anyway.


  1. Dancing! Yay!

    Hay is not so much fun, though. I have an odd skin condition which leads to thickened skin on plantar and palmar surfaces, so I don't need gloves... but long sleeves are very useful!

  2. That's how I learned to drive stick shift, Barbs, driving an old ute through sheep paddocks in Portland, Victoria. It's been years since then and lost my touch. Maybe one day Jody's old truck will get fixed up and I can learn again.

  3. I remember pitching hay barefoot, shorts and a t-shirt... and the sting of jumping in the lake after! I can't imagine the ocean after that.

  4. Yes, it is amazing what lessons we have learnt here. Some on subjects we thought we would encounter, and some totally, totally unrelated! But it is all part of the fun and adventure. (I can say that, I did not get up close and personal with the hay!)