Monday, November 1, 2010

Dismembering 'roo and the great salt disaster

Well, I am getting better at deboning a wallaby. Still not good but better than my first inept fumbling where I rather expected to find fingers in the meat.

The salt-making experiment due to my impatience ended in disaster - the level wasn't dropping (due to laziness on my part, not carrying it into the sun and too fine a weave cover.) So I transferred it into a couple of large pots and reduced the water on the combustion heater. Unfortunately it picked up a metallic taste from the pot. So we start again. There goes a lot of effort and getting wet. Oh well, we learn.

I've put out some more tomato plants and the Siberian watermelon, and a pumpkin. I'm having variable results with plant outs. My zucchini still are not thriving. I know. Suddenly they'll all grow.

I've made some home-made blue bait - with salted mullet and fish oil. Still have to test it.


  1. I saw a survival technique where a cup is placed in the center of a large pot. The large pot is covered with plastic and a small weight put in the center and put in the sun. The water evaporates and drips into the cup leaving the salt behind. In your case the "fresh" water would be the waste.

    If you can concentrate it enough then a shallow pan to finish it off in the sun might be more practical.

  2. Sounds like an oldfashioned New England applejack pot still, Quilly ... take hard cider, put in a pot with a cup in the center, adjust the gas flame to a ring around the outside of the pot, invert the pot lid (metal knob only, no plastic knobs please), fill the inverted lid with ice, and simmer away.

  3. Dave,
    There's an easier way. Go out onto the rocks where the water pools and then evaporates. You'll find salt there! Try down Trouser's Point way.

  4. Sue - with added gull-poo? (I prefer to control the process) :-)