Monday, February 1, 2010

The unpacking continueth

Well, the house is mostly done - and relatively little is broken - If you don't include our new one legged dining-room table. Most other tables with a single leg don't have them at the corner. Glass, a soapstone carving, some handles and a leg off the stove. Now we see how honest the insurers are. I'll let you know. The other matter of some mild concern is the contents of the two drawers under the kettle, now that we have discovered the rest of B's computer in the wooden kist that holds board-games. (Yes, we play those.) It's mildly worrying as other than the can-opener, the pestle, and some mixing spoons and measures, I can remember what was in there. Nothing that immediately jumps out at me so it can't have been the jack-in-the box. We've finished all of the boxes so all that is left is in a few of the pieces of furniture in the shed...

So that is for the morrow. And then attempting to re-assemble the computers -- drat the fact that they only arrived as the last boy-geek-computer wizard left.


  1. Weird things, movers pack.

    Dave, when we moved to Brisbane from Melbourne 20 years ago, Daryl's work paid professional movers to do it.

    I flew out early with the three children (heavily pregnant with no.4)and had to leave the house for them to pack. When we eventually unpacked, they had taken the dirty water jar I used to clean my paint brushes, put the lid on, wrapped it carefully in newspaper and sent it to QLD, with the water still in it!

    I don't know what they thought I was going to do with it.

    I've been doing a virtual tour of Tassie. Must drop by Flinders Island and see where you are living!

  2. The movers once packed our forks and stuff at the bottom of a box of Yule ornaments, under a false cardboard bottom. We moved in April and the ornaments had been previously packed. I guess that's mover practical joke. :)

  3. Once we'd been here about 18 months, someone asked to borrow a sleeping bag. It was still where it had been packed by the movers, in Richard's big hiking pack. Inside the sleeping bag was ... OUR PANGA!! We hadn't intended to bring it, we gave all our gardening things away, but they must've found it (I think it was under our bed!) and simply packed it the best way they could. So funny :-D