Thursday, February 25, 2010

I can so fish!

Having been on 3 squid catching expeditions, and watched the others catch, while my jig came back empty, I decided that my role was to run with the net, when necessary, and be supportive. Well, last night I caught a big squid, quite big enough to make up for all the ones who got away. And boy, did I dance a jig on the jetty! Luckily Dave was the only person around to see.

Then this morning we rose with the dawn, not too bad on the clock due to daylight saving, and went to fish, again off the jetty. I caught a big Pike, or Snook, or at least big by my standards. (Certainly the biggest fish I have ever landed.) Picture the scene. I am wearing gumboots, denims, 2 jackets, and a woolly hat jumping around yelling "Bring the net! It is huge! You take it! It is huge!"

Despite all the noise, the fish did not take fright, Dave made me take the rod, and he got it safely into the net. Which proves that our son, James, is wrong. You can take a net with you and still catch fish! Unfortunately, we are not fond of the taste of the pike, but smoked they are delicious, so Dave has now the extra work of preparing it!

He, of course, caught 3 fish, 2 silver trevally, that we were actually targeting, and a goat fish. It is red and has a beard, what more can I say?

At least I am not a total passenger in this new lifestyle of ours, and mine was the biggest!


  1. Go Barbs!

    How far do you have to go on these dawn trips to the jetty?

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  3. It is a l-o-n-g way to the jetty, all of 2 kilometres during the day, but of course it is far further when I am half asleep!