Sunday, February 21, 2010

A good reason to wear at least trousers at night

The new house syndrome caught me badly last night. I might have been a bit feverish - anyway, we'll stick to that story - and I was hot and therefore sleeping in my natural fur and a sheet, had battled to get to sleep at all and woke up in one of those really disorientated states - needing to relieve bladder pressure. It's at least 12 yards to the 'loo. I walked into the bookcase, the wall... and proceeded pinball style to the throne. Washing my hands had some sort of wakeo effect, and I headed back to bed in a lot more cogent fashion. Well, I thought so. Until I walked into a desk... which is not in our bedroom. After some confusion I beat a retreat (via the desk, again.) I was in the room next door (in my defense the two doors are right next to each other. So I got out into the passage again... chose the door. Walked into the desk again. Third try I did get back into our room and back into our bed. But I was relatively awake by this time, which left me lying there reaching an important decision. Pyjamas if we have visitors! This morning the bath had a mouse in it - presumably looking for a safe spot from the nightly blunderer. I still don't top our smallest-tallest lad who when he was barely in junior school, not only got back into the wrong bed, but threw the innocent sleeper in it out of it. But maybe the mouse didn't think so.

It was one of those days when I probably should have stayed in bed, having got back to it, because all the logical processes definitely weren't working. I, for some bizarre reason (the sort of culinary idea that normally seems brilliant on the empty side of a bottle of good red wine)decided that to save milk I would have honey and nut coated cornflakes (oh how we are misled by foreign labels) with a half a cup of tepid coffee. Do not try this in your own home or even universe. It improves neither element at all.

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