Friday, February 19, 2010

The hills and mountains of my horizons

Someday I may become blasé about the beauty of this place. Someday I might become an adequate photographer too. This evening was a perfect example of the sheer paradox that is this complex little environment. Behind us the mist was rolling down over Darling range - granite hills and a sort of Highlands-and-Scotch symphony of grey granite and dark heather, and paler grassland, starkness of its edges softened by the mist. To the south Strzelki mountain drew the clouds around like a fluttering cloak.

In front of us the flatlands leading to sea - and sunset through the wind-twisted pines.

On an evening like this it's like being on the edge of the mountains here. Yet today was a warm one, and I could have taken beach pictures not a mile from the house which looked like the tropics.
Unfortunately B and I are still feeling a bit pale-and-frail -- pretty up and down in my case, so I hope it's nearly done, and I can allow some getting wet and catching stuff to eat. We did go into the Multi-purpose center (sort of like a mini-hospital) and saw the doctor briefly. She seems a sweetie, and we got introduced to a bunch of people - including the lady who rented the place our landlord is now living in so he can rent his place to us - they now have built. Kind of move-one-to-find-place for the next. I'm becoming mildly irritated by the Martha's Vineyard syndrome here. The absentee holiday home-owners - who have a huge effect on the island's property, but actually don't put a lot into keeping the society of it alive. Oh well, early days yet. Maybe they do add something to the place.


  1. Hiya Dave and Barbara.
    I think I may have the hang of this blogging thing. Being Irish and 66 it is a stretch.

    Do you need a small (very small) family run restaurant on Flinders ???

    Hope you are all well and enjoying your beautiful island.

    I was tickled by your Martha's Vineyard comment - ever thought about the KZN Midlands in that context ??

  2. Peter - the problem with Flinders really is Martha's Vineyard-ish ie. - for a couple of months of the year it has visitors. And people who don't live here buying houses... which are shut the rest of the year. That's really wrecked Martha's Vineyard for people who do live there. Oh how we'd love to let your wife loose on the seafood! But most ofthe year... the pub is the only restaurant (there are more open in the summer season).

  3. KZN has some visitors all year round - and a fair number of incomers who settle and put a lot in - quite different in my opinion.