Friday, February 12, 2010

Barrack-room ballad?

"So who'd yer barrack for?" Asked Jimmy.
This is the sort of question that leaves me wondering about my military discharge. Anyway - B was being asked. "Er."
"Yer can't barrack for no-one. Only woosies do that. Even barracking for the wrong team - his (Gesture with a thumb at inferior brand on cooler bag (esky?)) is better n'that.
"That's support a side?"
"Yeah. Look..." and the merits of two Ozzie rules sides are discussed, with loyalty and suitable disdain while the two ex-South Africans try not look like Americans having cricket explained to them. Thank heavens for cricket, and B's following of it... and through my mind goes the US possibilities for this. Do two service-men who have an argument about politcs ending in a bout of fisticuffs explain to their C.O.... "He was barracking for Barack in the barracks."

Anyway -last night we went to Wespac do to relaunch their brand on Flinders. It was rather pleasant hearing bank executives telling a rural patch of farmers that they realised they'd made a horse's butt out of getting away from having local bank managers etc. In my dreams would you get a South African Bank doing that - for all that it is also true. Anyway - Snacks and drinks, and meeting some more locals. It had a very low attendance for anything in RSA that had an open bar. I swapped some good lies with 'Roo' who looks to be mine of information about the fishing/diving history of this island - from the scallop fishery to tending sheep on the outer islands. And this morning dawn saw us trying out another tip-off about silver Trevally. I must say, on light tackle - and they are REAL light tackle fish - sneaky and very quick to snaffle your bait as lightly as any pickpocket, they are remarkably good fighting fish. Tonight we'll see if they eat well.

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