Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One of those days

Yeah, bleah. An I should have stayed in bed day - we figure we're a drawer from the kitchen and all the dishcloths(from a second cupboard) missing - not the worst disaster that ever was. Just irritating - anyway, most of it can be replaced (two things are bits of other things, which therefore need replacing in entirety or not all.) The chief task for today was however getting the computers up and running, my work transferred from the eee and me writing as if my tail was afire - which it will be if I don't get a move on. And this did not come to pass. Both hard drives test as fine in the external, I have replaced both fans, the hard drives and... the computers don't work. My geek-enabled sons were supposedly going to do this for me, and then they were going to advise via skype... and I can't raise either of them. Not a happy camper, this side. Added to this our new Vacuum cleaner (as we couldn't bring our old one with us) has died. it's still under warranty - in Launceston. The customer care number is not a working number. Oh and the water tap to the washing machine leaks bigtime - not the joint but the tap itself. I have no idea where to turn off the water to fix it. And to add final insult the soak-away seems to be blocked and flooded out of its manhole - noxious puddle at the front door...

So I made us a seafood pizza for supper. We have our pictures on the walls and carpets down. My Kids have visas and are safe back uni. We're here, and dogs and cats are coming. There's a bowl of apples on the table, a few meals in the deep-freeze -- and things will get sorted...
No worries.

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