Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Long Point

We drove out to Long point under an arch of paperbarks and ti-trees to have supper with Geoff, who has been re-habilitating an old dairy farm. While a local dairy would be a good thing, this area is really not suited to it, sandy and low (nowhere higher than 7 metres above sea-level - Long Point is not quite sandspit of quartzite reef that hasn't quite made it to being an island yet, and therefore shelters a partially enclosed shallow bay of maybe 600 metres at its mouth and maybe twice that at its widest - and about 2km long. It's very tidal, principally seagrass environment, and a great habitat for birds. We spotted roughly 20 oystercatchers huddled together - very unusual - but we had squalls of rain a howling wind - not really perfect for an evening explore.

We'll go back at low tide and brave the mud so I can fully explore the wet part. Anyway, we had fire-grilled steaks inbetween the rain-squalls, red wine and a discussion on Hannibal and the elephant of surprise. Still, the silence and isolation and sheer darkness of a wet night and the call to me.


  1. I hate to imagine the quality of the wine if it led to a discussion of Hannibal crossing the alps...

  2. It was Jacobs Creek shiraz/cabernet. I will not be buying any more, even if we also talked about the Sinq ports, Meloleucas and Leptospermums and I learned a bit about early Australian politics.

  3. So not quite the stuff that Hannibal reputedly used to dissolve the boulders he encountered whilst crossing the Alps.