Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Wow, the schools are back, so the holiday makers should have all left the island? We went to get the groceries today and the supermarket was packed to the rafters with shoppers. Of course the ferry comes in overnight on Tuesday, so Wednesday would be the logical day to buy fresh stuff, and it also happens to be the day the library is open, and the Service Tas, so that is why WE were there, not to snaffle all the fresh milk at all!

Dave smoked some fish this morning, which made a really delicious start to the day. It was Pike, or Snook, and we had found it a bit bland last night, but the smoking improved it no end.

The drivers licence is the next great hurdle, and I am off to try my luck at the written exam. The problem is that a lot of the rules are almost the same as South Africa, but not quite. Still I will see how good my memory is, even at my great age!

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