Sunday, February 14, 2010


Compared to a week ago, we are very much more settled in, with the bottom of the wash basket almost in sight. The plumbers holes are history, and the veggies are growing apace. We have had both hard rain, and drizzle, and stayed snug and warm in our house. So I feel ready to face the winter.

I made Dave a 'barley' in place of a 'wheatie' to put in the microwave and keep his toes warm, but the lack of comment suggests I will have to try harder to find some cracked wheat. We had to empty all of ours out before we came over, so as not to contaminate the local crops. I am sure ours had been microwaved so often it was as sterile as possible, but I need to find something to keep Dave's toes warm while he is sitting still and working for long periods of time.


  1. do sheepskin slippers not do it for him??

  2. Sheepskin slippers have to be made to go outside into the veggies, and do not seem to do a good enough job, he wears them all the time anyway!

  3. Have you tried brown rice? Uncooked, of course :-) Also, wearing a watch cap (knit cap of the kind sailors wear) might help keep the heat in :-)


  4. The Barley works fine, just needs quite a lot more barley. It just as is doesn't stay warm long. And Melissa, as for sheepskin slippers not doing it for me... Hmph what a thing to say on valentine's day ;-).
    Brown rice - if barley fails to perform and we can't get cracked wheat we'll try that. Could use that vile wholewheat pasta we bought ;-) I'm pretty woolly around the head already.

  5. Yes, the pasta is a wonderful idea, otherwise we may have to eat the rest of it!