Friday, February 5, 2010

Back on my own PC

Well,a day of visitors - firstly the plumber and his mate. It was mildly funny to see how they went from 'foreign city wally' to 'oh crikey, it really is blocked. We'll have to get another bit of kit.' And then we decided there was a big mama flathead living in there. With indigestion.

No sooner had they left than Daryl the computer bloke arrived. Nice guy, even if he irritated me finding the problem I had failed to. Gradually transferring operation to the main PC...

Then we had some supportive cake and a cucumber gifts from Jan (this is not SA - female) and Anne - who wondered if we knew anything about Cameroon as that's on the church roster. Well, it is in Africa... I suggested Gerald Durrell's Bafut Beagles. ;-)

I cooked experimental abalone rissoles... Need work. They taste good but tend to fall apart.

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